The Chakra System

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In order to understand the template that we have chosen to use for our write-ups, we will first turn to the archives that made them. These books were researched through personal knowledge of the Sovereign having read them previously. Like any other book, they provide good information. The reason books were chosen over internet pages was because we wanted a singular source, or in this case set of sources, to reference instead of pages that either cite back to one location or misconstrue and misrepresent the information provided.

The books chosen for this adventure were Wheels of Light, an all-time classic about the aura and chakra system, Eastern Body, Western Mind, due to the bridges of science and spirit, medicine and magic being built, and Eye of the Lotus, because it took another psychological approach to the chakras, as well. Except, Dr. Jelusich takes it down the route of “chakra-dominant personalities.” A unique work, for sure!

The first templates you’ll see will be the images of the chakras. This just gives us a reference point. From there, you’ll see this:

Sanskrit Name; Meaning : Sanskrit Name and it’s meaning.
Location : The physical location of the chakra.
Affirmation : An associated affirmation that empowers / clears the chakra.
Central Power : What is the “central theme” of the chakra, itself? What does it stand for?
Element : Physical / metaphysical element of the chakra.

After the properties you’ll run into the Mind, Body, and Spirit wellness of Generous Kingdom. We aim to provide that “whole-person” wellness and teaching.

Consider this to be the initial teaching, basis, and fundamental knowledge of the chakra. We aim to allow you to “get it”.
Physical association within the body related to the chakra. Quite literally, what happens with the body in relation to the energy system.
Metaphysical, spiritual, and higher-consciousness associated teachings of the chakra. This tends to be the knot that ties it all together.

Overall, we are trying to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the chakras. Researching and validating a spiritual topic can often be subjective, so we hope this has not been the case here! As said above, our aim is to provide "whole-person" wellness. So, we've got to start somewhere.

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