Practitioners for Generous Kingdom are verified for both authenticity of their credentials and legal verification of the ability to provide sacred service.

We understand how important it is to feel safe in the container that is created when you begin your healing journey. Because of this, Generous Kingdom keeps to strict background checks, monitoring of practitioner's manners and behaviors, general etiquette and decorum expectations, and seeks to ensure a level of comfort in knowing that you are in the best hands.


Benjamin J. Baron

When we say "Bad" we actually really do mean "Bad at Practicing the Dharma." Ben is a practitioner of a few traditions between shamanic and nature-rooted practices. His lineage traces through Vajrayana / Tibetan Buddhism...

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Franklin T. Sheffield

Mage, Philosopher, and Grand Architect of the earliest inventions that became Generous Kingdom, Franklin is one of the largest reasons that Generous Kingdom even exists to this day. The Gray Mage has a degree in Digital Marketing and...


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