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The Pagan Holiday Ostre is a celebration of the autumn equinox, which marks the beginning of the harvest season. It is a time for pagans to give thanks for the abundance that nature provides and to honor their ancestors. Ostre is a time of joy and celebration, but it also has deep spiritual meaning. This holiday represents new beginnings, fertility, and the cycle of life and death. For many pagans, it is an important opportunity to connect with their spiritual side and reflect on their beliefs. It is believed that Ostara was originally a Germanic goddess whose name means "shining light". Her festival was held around the Spring Equinox to celebrate fertility and new beginnings. The festival was marked by rituals such as decorating eggs, gathering flowers and singing songs in her honor. These ancient traditions are still practiced today as part of pagan celebrations around the world.

From sacred symbols such as acorns, apples, and oak leaves to special rituals like bonfires, drumming circles, and feasts - these are all part of Ostre's symbolic representation. Each symbol or ritual has its own special meaning that reflects the beauty and power of nature during this season. As we honor these symbols and rituals associated with Ostre, we can deepen our connection to nature while celebrating its abundance. .Ostre is the goddess of springtime, representing blossoming life and growth. All things new and fresh buzz with energy during this time, so many offerings are made to Ostre in order to share her bounty. One of these offerings is the evergreen oak tree, which symbolizes strength and endurance as well as renewal. The oak tree represents Ostre's balance and strength. It is also amazing to think that this tree grows at an incredible rate of up to ten inches a day, so it can get the job done! When she was associated with fertility her main symbol was the gourd, as she represented new life coming into this world.

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