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Before you understand the benefits of massage, you have to consider that massage is just a form of healing. Physical manipulation of tissue, fascia, muscle fibers, veins, and arteries helps to promote the body's natural regenerative process. It happens normally, without massage. However, because of the stress-based environment that we typically find ourselves located in, it is highly beneficial to have support. Healing can be defined as an act intending to return from a damaged or "incomplete" state to one of total wholeness.

The fact is that massage has existed before the birth of Christ and can be traced back to the roots of the Ayurveda, which is an ancient system of Hindu medicine that is both holistic and psychological. During what could be best considered as an "Age of Remembering", these ancient teachings are finding statehood in today's medical discussions. "It is… not surprising that the new vision of reality comes very close to the views of mystics of all ages and traditions… particular to the views held in the spiritual traditions of India… We can now say, with considerable confidence, that the ancient wisdom of the East provides the most consistent philosophical background to our modern scientific theories." [1]

Everyone enjoys the feeling that massage offers and the relaxation to the aches and pains that they feel through their body. Few actually know what is going on within their bodies to create both the needs and relief for massage. Those things that everyone calls "knots" in their body are actually bound up layers and levels of tissue, physical waste, and tension that accumulate in one area of overuse and lack of rest. It can sometimes get so bad that these can turn into "crystals" that can be painful or prevent full range-of-motion. When lactic accumulates in the muscle, it forms into crystal shapes. Crystals have sharp edges. The longer the muscle has been tight, the more and the bigger lactic acid crystals there are in a muscle. When you receive a massage, the big, sharp lactic acid crystals are being rubbed against the pain-sensitive muscle fibers. The breaking down and flushing out of the trapped waste products (primarily lactic acid that has formed into crystals) is one of the two main benefits of massage. [2]

Massage is specifically focused on providing pressure, friction, and heat to various parts of the body to help the body's natural, restorative process. The flushing of toxins, refreshing of skin cells, and the rehydration of joints and ligaments is something occurring everyday for all of us. Getting a massage every two-to-three weeks can apply some of the following benefits:

  • reducing stress
  • reducing tension
  • improving circulation
  • improve immune function
  • help relieve headaches
  • reduce anxiety
  • lower inflammation[3]

Not only does it feel good to get a massage, and find some relaxation, it also benefits your overall health and wellness. Physical and mental relaxation associated with massage is worth the investment once-a-month.

Self-care has become such a buzzword in the past ten years. What does it actually mean? It can mean that sometimes taking 60 minutes to schedule a massage with a valuable massage therapist will benefit your entire week. It means that you can invest into yourself to provide WholisticTM wellness that will bring about both more life satisfaction and less physical suffering. Besides, don't you owe it to yourself after everything you have been through to set aside some "you" time? Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you, and so will your therapist!


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