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Nikola Tesla once said that if you look at life from the perspectives of frequency, vibration, and energy that you would unlock the secrets of the Universe. Like many masters who have come before him, Tesla promoted the theory that there is more than just the physical, seen, or felt Universe. What do you feel physically when you think about something you love? Ever thought about the way watching certain events makes you invigorated, or thrilled? What about inspiration? Is there some form of correlation between “feeling bad” and physical dis-ease? And, what even is “energy”? The Matrix wasn't far off when it claimed that a human being is a battery. Our bodies are literally charged everyday with the life-giving vibration of cells moving back and forth in our body, constantly clashing against one-another in an eternal tug-of-war of occupying space. Chemical and biological reactions within the body create energy. The human body is effectively moving energy potential and electrical current.[1] If you can start to think that there is both scientific fact and potential for the human body to generate energy then you begin to find yourself taking the first few steps into the realm of "energy healing".

In Japanese culture, reiki is referred to as “spiritually guided life force energy”, which has found its growth in popularity since the early 1990s.[2] Reiki is an alternative medicine that is practiced in hospitals, hospices, and other formal clinical settings. While it may come under other names such as "healing touch" or "therapeutic touch", the idea is still the same: a practitioner, or healer, uses focus points in the hands, and through their own body, to bring forth a healing potential that is then received by the client or patient. This healing potential is often described as a light, a warmth, or even sometimes as a deep sense of knowing. In the Christian Bible, Jesus was observed to have laid his hands on others to heal. “At sunset, the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying his hands on each one, he healed them.” (Luke 4:40). Even Native American traditions and their ancient arts have shown the usage of energy flow, sacred incantations, and “heal with the hands.”[3]

No matter which way a practitioner of this therapy claims their heritage, whether it be shamanic, usui, kundalini, or some other varied skill set of energy work, there is something to be found in the alternative medicine that is loosely referred to as energy work. Reiki is just one expression of it. While a skeptic can argue that there may be little physical, or therapeutic, benefit from someone bringing in healing energy, there have been studies to prove that reiki can reduce anxiety, can lead to more upbeat, positive feelings, and help with treatment of depression.[4] If it only makes you “feel better”, isn’t it worth it?


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