The Importance of TEDx Talks

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Here at Generous Kingdom, we firmly believe in the idea of providing as much access to knowledge an information as possible. The internet is a plethora of great (and sometimes misleading) information that helps to guide us down the Path. Consider that in this day-and-age that we have thousands of hours of videos, libraries of information, and limitless potential when it comes to discovering that which interests us. So where does one go in the Sea of Knowledge to find their solace?


One of the places that we have found to be best suited for this is in TED and TEDx talks. TED talks, or what is Technology, Entertainment, and Design, is a global phenomenon when it comes to gathering some of the greatest minds to be able to talk about anything in the realm. What we have found in our preference is that TEDx talks tend to cater to a much smaller audience and individual interest. The only major difference is that a TEDx talk is an individually organized event with a smaller audience, and so it is speaking to a specific theme. What better way to explore the internet?


Check out these awesome TEDx talks that we think really speak to spirituality and expand our knowledge.

Consciousness: The Final Frontier!
Did you know that happiness is all in your mind?
Am I crazy? Or, is it God?
The Power of MindFULLness
The Stroke of Insight

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