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Now I am an avid fan of fantasy realism like found in the likes of Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons. Because of this, I was always looking into the concept of magic with a creative sense of connection to the real world. What if it was actually possible to form energy barriers or white magick shields around the human body to protect it or reinforce some spiritual healing? The thing that has excited me most about this is my creative, visual mind loves to actually picture this happening in the real world! Perhaps my inner child was too far off, because science is uncovering concepts in new age knowledge around vibration and frequency.

Dr. Len Saputo’s studies have been shown to document the effectiveness of near infrared light therapy being able to accelerate the healing process up to 50%. This evidence shows that photonic stimulation can be used to treat eye injuries and laser burns.[1] You might be asking yourself what a photon is. They are basically tiny little particles that emit electromagnetic radiation. Photons are emitted by the actions of charged particles… and are basically considered to be energy packets.[2] Translating this into more traditional terms: photons are charged energy that are generated in many different ways.

Why we are going into the academic library is to help elaborate the concepts that are both underneath photons and cellular regeneration. Cells in your body regenerate regularly. The human body, both complex and simple, is always trying to sustain itself in an environment and keep thriving. When it pertains to photons and regeneration, scientists believe that the mechanism of action of photonic stimulation is related to its ability to excite electrons within the energy producing mitochondria of cells in injured tissues. This process is thought to enable these cells to increase their production of ATP, the energy currency of our cells, and thereby stimulating the return of more normal cellular physiology.[1] In short, photons are believed to help regenerate tissue by providing energy into cells to aid them in their own recovery process.

In a study from 2005, Kimitsugu Nakumaru and Mitsuo Hiramatsu discovered that the human hand does emit photons. They also discovered that photons were emitted from both the feet and the crown of the head.[3] We have definitely found a place where science and spirituality can blend. In the Ancient Chakra systems, there are "power centers" that are located both on the top of the head, the hands, the feet, and throughout the human body. As Ancient Wisdom continues to become more common-place, we find ourselves on the cusp of realizing the knowledge lost in the sands of time. Energy is emitted from the body and we can even focus it!

If energy can be emitted from the hands which is then directed into damaged, or injured, places of the body, mind, and spirit, what's to say that we aren't able to live in the fantasy world where "laying on hands" becomes actual health and wellness? If you check out our conversation on Reiki and Energy Healing, then you can see that these therapies are shown to have emotional and cognitive effects. What's to stop us from saying that energy healing helps out regenerating tissue? Obviously we aren't saying that faith will restore a severed limb. There are limitations to what healing can provide in the physical world. It's just interesting to think that there is science behind magic. What spirituality has been saying for centuries is now finding merit and hold in the scientific community.

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