Pink Moon Puja - 4.23.2024

Generous Kingdom

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Join the Kingdom as we celebrate the Pink Full Moon in April! This special event is a community gathering with inspirational ritual connection to the full moon and your own spirit. Deepen your self awareness and gain insight into the cosmic cycles and connect deeper with your own spirit and consciousness.

As cosmic beings, we are all impacted by the cycles of the sun and moon. Named in part because of pink flowers that bloom in North America this time of year, this Full Moon invites us to look at what seeds we are planting and where we are cultivating our energy. It will be in the House of Scorpio, and so tread lightly with the Scorpion.

Join local astrologist Lana Mohammed as she walks us through a Full Moon Puja in the Pink Moon. According to her, this full moon has a lot to do with shadow work and illuminating the shadows with our own personal power. The Full Moon in Scorpio is both transformational and illuminating, and so expect to be in for a personal ride in dancing with your shadow!

This event will also include healthy, grounding food options for nourishing mind, body, and spirit. Inspired by this, Generous Kingdom is partnering with Freak Brothers Pizza who will help provide their delicious, next-level pizza for the event. Other food options, such as homemade hummus, fresh-homemade bread, and vegetarian choices, will be available. 

 Acoustic instrumentals bathe you in an extra-sensory experience and will be provided by Members of Galactic Harmony. A true inter-Galactic experience designed to delight all the senses. 

 Connection and Community are encouraged for this event. Take a plunge and connect to a greater sense of self.

 All the Details:

Date: Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024

Time: Doors open at 6 PM, event closes at 10 PM!

Location: Private Residence and a Quiet Neighborhood in North Phoenix!

Provided: Personal Journal & Writing Utensil, Food and Beverages included