Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

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This treatment is all about addressing muscular issues, joint discomforts, and long-term healing through intense pressure and pointed application into the physical body. Want to know what typically defines deep tissue work? Pain and discomfort. Consider what it's like to have your jointed pressed on.

As much as everyone claims to enjoy the deep tissue work, when we are addressing an authentic deep tissue experience the client must understand the strong possibility of pain that eventually turns into relief. Specific application to balled-up muscle fibers, or seemingly constantly contracted muscles, for example a "frozen shoulder" or "lockjaw", will lead to discomfort that is not always the right fit for every client. 

Through much directed communication themes, deep tissue can be an appropriate and restorative treatment for someone familiar with body work and rigorous self-care. It's also a welcome modality to someone looking to truly address layered issues.

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