Active/Sports Recovery Massage

Active/Sports Recovery Massage

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Stretching and addressing body pain at the same time can truly bring some good relief. You never know when a good stretch-and-hold, some deep breathing, and over-the-clothes bodywork will help you unwind. Sometimes, this is best received after a physical workout to invite in cool-down stretching. Best understood as physical training, this is a solid way to stretch the body. 

This is typically a clothed modality and invites in usage of percussion guns, stretch bands, and other devices to help a client open up fascial tissue through pointed and directed assisted stretches.

Using range-of-motion with application of kinesthesiology helps a client to receive a treatment that could be like a good yoga class or a good Swedish massage to a specific area of the body. Expect to wear gym clothes and get some bodywork done at the same time, with occasional usage of oils and creams for additional stripping of the muscular tissue.

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