Our Vision

Generous Kingdom seeks to help to build bridges of holistic wellness through our Three Pillars. These pillars are considered the framework of Generous Kingdom and help drive our most sacred quest.


Service: It is our belief that "Sacred Service" and "Service to Community" are what helps to drive humanity forward. The old adage of "It Takes a Village" thrives in this pillar. Generous Kingdom is always interested in ways to be of service to the community, whether it be teaching more about self-care or serving food to a hungry population.


Healing: The word "healing" here implies that the journey for self-discovery, greater awareness, and the highest expression of one self is always happening. At Generous Kingdom, we believe that seeking healing, rejuvenation, and fulfillment are constantly occurring and reoccurring throughout life. Healing is a main pillar because it is our belief that every being has an impact in this world and that "Hurt People hurt People." We strive actively for healing in self and humanity.


Wisdom:  What is wisdom besides where the Road of Knowledge crosses with the Path of Experience. At Generous Kingdom, this pillar represents both the old and the new of time and space. We thrive with inviting in new principles, ancient philosophies, or just fresh perspectives that help to inspire the place where practice and practicality fuse with divine flow.